The founder of the law firm, lic. iur. Daniel Mägerle,
attorney at law and certified specialist SBA employ-
ment law has 20 years of professional experience.

The law firm Mägerle advises and represents its national and inter-
national clientele carefully, reliably and goal-oriented in different
areas of law.

The firm has a particular specialization in the field of employment law.
Daniel Mägerle has extensive experience in the rapid evaluation of
complex facts, he advises the clientele understandably and com-
petently. He represents their interests in the event of a dispute with
tenacity and perseverance in negotiations, in court or vis-à-vis public

Clients of the law firm Mägerle are national and international compa-
nies of all business sectors as well as associations, public institutions
and individuals.


German and English (working languages), Spanish, French and Italian